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There’s more than bragging rights, valueless tokens and loot boxes on the line now! Just select your opponent and go!

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LetsBet’s system and match ID protocol ensures accurate results while our blockchain ensures funds until your match is complete!

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LetsBetCoin is linked to real-time market exchange rates allowing you to play for real money! Cash out in your preferred fiat or cryptocurrency.


LetsBetCoin, PreSale & ICO

Cash In On Your
Gaming Skill

LetsBet is a token platform. Players use major credit cards, PayPal, Ether or Bitcoin to purchase LetsBetCoin. Linked to market exchanges, players are able to set wagers in their preferred currency view and cash out for real money.

  • ICO Presale: To begin in late Q2 2018
  • ICO: To begin in Q3 2018

Use the LetsBetCoin for:

  • Betting against opponents
  • Betting on eSport competitions
  • Discounted 3rd party IAPs
  • Affiliate content
  • LetsBet swag
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Next Level Gaming

Crank Up The

  • Multiplayer betting
  • Multiplayer betting on single player games
  • Single player tournaments
  • Bet in your preferred real-time currency view
  • Gameplay broadcasting and streaming
  • Secure direct messaging (chat)
  • Secure funds terminal
  • Cash out in fiat or cryptocurrency

Developer Services

& Efficiency

  • No cost revenue channel
  • Deep platform analytics
  • Separation of gaming & betting functionality
  • Zero cost integration & maintenance
  • Increase MAU engagement, retention & overall stickiness factor
  • Ultra light integration & minimal ongoing maintenance
  • No cost discoverability through social installs
  • Turn-key betting solution & management partner

Play With Peace Of Mind

Data Security &
Fraud Prevention

Your data security, privacy and fair gameplay is very important to us.  The LetsBet's multi-tier data authenticity, encryption, firewall and fraudulent game play processes block malicious attacks from accessing usable data, bot gameplay, money laundering and other exploitive behaviors.

  • Suspicious gameplay monitoring
  • Isolated databases
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Guarded against brute-force and DOS attacks
  • Continuously tested
  • Blockchain-based ledger

Regulatory Compliant

Skill Based Gaming

Wagering fiat currency on one’s ability to play a video game is legal in thirty-eight (38) States in the U.S.  LetsBet deploys geofencing technology and multi-tier player eligibility processes to comply with State, Federal, Provincial and Country laws and regulations.

On a case-by-case basis States in the U.S. use one or more of the following tests to determine if an activity is considered to be gambling.

The Material Element Test

Is chance a material element in the result of the game?

Dominant Factor Test

Is chance the dominating factor in determining the result of the game?

The Any Chance Test

Is any chance involved in determining the result of the game?

LetsBet is an invite only platform. All games-of-skill linked to the LetsBet platform are pre-screened to ensure regulatory compliance, unbiased competitions, data security and player privacy.

As a virtual coin platform, LetsBet players purchase and wager LetsBetCoins (LBC) not fiat currency.

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